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Hello! My name is Kali Boone, welcome to CHS! I am looking forward to spending this year with all you Coyotes! I can't wait to meet you.
I was born and raised in Arizona! I attended Combs High School from Kindergarten all the way to graduation here at the high school. I have a strong sense of pride and community for the area and this school district has a special place in my heart.
I have a BA in STEM education from the one and only Arizona State University. When I am not working with superstars in my classroom, I love to soak up everything AZ has to offer, spend time with my family, run off to Disneyland, exercise, and travel.
Everyone has the ability to grow and learn from one another. When I step foot into a classroom, not only do I hope to inspire students, but to be inspired and gain a take away from them as well.
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Respect and Diversity Statement:  All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry.  As members of the Combs High School educational community, students are expected to retrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to domain another student's race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.  Students at Combs High School will respect each other.