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Welcome to Dr. Nelson's Home Page

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Hello, I am Dr. Dave Nelson and I teach Junior English and Psychology. I am entering my second year teaching at Combs High School but this is my thirty-seventh year of teaching in total.I am excited and looking forward to this upcoming year as it is looking to be a year of great achievement and progress for the entire Combs community.

I am an Original Arizona Native. I was born here in Phoenix but I was raised in the White Mountains in the beautiful Ponderosa pined town of Show Low, Arizona.  I served in the US Army and I received my undergraduate degrees from Arizona State University (GO DEVILS!)I I obtained my Masters of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix. In addition, I earned my Doctorate in Psychology  at the University of the Rockies and completed a second in Organizational Leadership and Management as well. With 30+ years of teaching experience here in Arizona, I have also been blessed with having the opportunity to live and teach in the United Arab Emirates for seven years.

The inspiration to learn, to investigate the world as it unfolds, is something that I have always had a passion for and I hope to instill in my students. Much of my personal and professional satisfaction has been the direct result of my own continual quest to learn, develop, and grow. As a high school teacher, an important way I found to continue advancing as an educator was to embrace my professional development experiences, especially graduate courses and conferences. As an educator, I find myself making the shift away from being a consumer of those experiences and taking on the role of producer: a producer of theory, ideas, and research.  My philosophy of education is based on what I know and have experienced at this point in my career. I am sure that my teaching philosophy will change as I learn more. That’s one of the gifts of being human; we can make mistakes, or learn something new, and make a change for the better. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. And that we can share them together.

Dr. Nelson

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