Alice Goodrick » Welcome to CTE Early Childhood Education and Ed Professions

Welcome to CTE Early Childhood Education and Ed Professions

Hi, I am Alice Goodrick and I teach the Early Childhood Education and the Education Professions programs here at Combs High School.    I love teaching teenagers and can think of no better way to spend my time than as a teacher.  I am excited to be your teacher and am looking forward to a fun and adventurous year.  I can't wait to get to know each of my students but let me tell you about myself first.  
I am originally from Oklahoma but have lived in Arizona for 31 years.  I love living in Arizona for the weather.   This is my 12th year of teaching.  I have only taught at Combs High School but I think we have the best school around.  I love the classes I get to teach.  We have fun in my classroom and get to do a lot of things you may remember from childhood.  
I have been married to my first love for 34 years and would marry him all over again.  I have four children(well 2 are step children but I claim them).  My older kids are twins (I am also a twin) who turned 42 this year.  Each of them have one son so that means I have 2 grandsons.  You will here about them as the class goes on.  I have two younger sons.  One is 30 and the other is 28.  They are great young men.  The 30 year old has been married for 6 years.  
I graduated high school in Bartlesville  Oklahoma, got my Bachelor's degree in Home Economics from Oklahoma State University a long time ago.  I worked as a Registered Dietitian for 20 years and then was challenge to do something I am passionate about.  That is how I came to teach.  After I started teaching I pursued and received my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education  from Northern Arizona University.  
A few of my favorite things:
Color: Green
Food:  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
Drink:  Diet Coke
Hobbies: reading fiction, crocheting, and creating things. 
Both the Early Childhood Education Program and the Education Professions programs are Career and Technical Education Programs.  Below is the link to the Combs CTE website.