Alice Goodrick » Welcome to CTE Early Childhood Education and Ed Professions

Welcome to CTE Early Childhood Education and Ed Professions

Hi, I am Alice Goodrick and I teach the Early Childhood Education and the Education Professions programs here at Combs High School.    I love teaching teenagers and can think of no better way to spend my time than as a teacher.  I am excited to be your teacher and am looking forward to a fun and adventurous year.  I can't wait to get to know each of my students but let me tell you about myself first.  
I am originally from Oklahoma but have lived in Arizona for 29 years.  I love living in Arizona for the weather.   This is my 10th year of teaching.  I have only taught at Combs High School but I think we have the best school around.  I love the classes I get to teach.  We have fun in my classroom and get to do a lot of things you may remember from childhood.  
I have been married to my first love for 32 years and would marry him all over again.  I have four children(well 2 are step children but I clam them).  My older kids are twins (I am also a twin) who turned 40 this year.  Each of them have one son so that means I have 2 grandsons.  You will here about them as the class goes on.  I have two younger sons.  One is 28 and the other is 26.  They are great young men.  The 28 year old has been married for 4 years.  
I graduated high school in Bartlesville  Oklahoma, got my Bachelor's degree in Home Economics from Oklahoma State University a long time ago.  I worked as a Registered Dietitian for 20 years and then was challenge to do something I am passionate about.  That is how I came to teach.  After I started teaching I pursued and received my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education  from Northern Arizona University.  
A few of my favorite things:
Color: Green
Food:  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
Drink:  Diet Coke
Hobbies: reading fiction, crocheting, and creating things.