Andrea Dales » Welcome to English with Mrs. Dales!

Welcome to English with Mrs. Dales!


Hi, my name is Mrs. Dales, and I can’t wait to be your teacher this school year. I am looking forward to learning all about you all, as the year starts and continues. I hope that you will enjoy reading and writing and thinking as much as I do!


About Me
I am originally from southern California, but my family moved to northern Arizona when I was twelve years old; I’ve lived in the state ever since. I graduated from a small school in northern Arizona, and came down to the valley to go to Arizona State University (fork ‘em Devils!), where I earned my bachelor’s degree, teaching certification, and later my master’s degree. This is my seventeenth year in the district, and I have taught a variety of English classes from sixth through twelfth grades. I currently teach honors freshman English, AP Language and Composition (juniors), and AP Literature and Composition (seniors) classes. I live in Chandler with my husband (of 21 years) and two sons (ages 14 and 11), one who is currently a freshman at Perry High School. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, scrapbooking, and learning.


My Philosophy of Education

I believe learning is vital to success, and that we are learning all the time. Failures are not failures unless you decide to give up and not try again; instead, “failure” is an opportunity to learn from what went wrong and do better the next time. Doing well in life and in school is all about one’s mindset; we have to be open to change and to learning new things. We have to be willing to continue to strive for success regardless of our circumstance. I believe that it is vital for everyone to be able to read and write, as it is something everyone will do every day of their lives. Reading and writing and critical thinking are skills that transcend content areas and as such are vital to each student’s success in their future, whether they attend college, go to a trade school, or immediately enter the workforce. Every person can be and should be life-long learners because every situation provides an opportunity for a lesson.



Mrs. Andrea Dales, M.Ed.

AP Language and Composition

AP Literature and Composition

09 Honors English

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