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(Eleanor) Lorraine Cannon

Greetings from room 437, Combs High School: I am Lorraine Cannon. I live in San Tan Valley with my two Shih Tzu dogs. My family of three children and myself came to Arizona in 1985. I have 6 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. 
"It takes a village to raise a child." Thank you to the student's parents/guardians for being the leader in their student's village. 
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"Respect and Diversity Statement:  All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry.  As members of the Combs High School educational community, students are expected to retrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to domain another student's race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.  Students at Combs High School will respect each other."