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Ms. Bushman's Bio

About Me:
My name is Michele Bushman and this is my second year as a Special Education Co Teacher at Combs High School. This year I will be working with seniors in Quantitative Reasoning, and English  In addition, I will be working with freshman in Algebra I.  I have my B.A. in Family Resources, and my Masters in Special Education. I began as a substitute teacher for all subjects in the Mesa School District, Medford Oregon School District and also for Tempe High School District. I started teaching resource for K-8, then co-taught freshman and sophomore English, and also Algebra at a high school, and now will be joining the Combs team.
My History:
I have lots of relatives and associates from having roots and being an Arizona native. My family settled along the Gila river in the eastern part of Arizona in a town called Duncan. I  grew up on a pig farm, then moved to Yuma and graduated a Criminal (Yuma High School Criminals), obtained an Associates degree from Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher, earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, and since 1997 have resided in Mesa. In addition, I have recently received my Masters in special education from Grand Canyon University.

My Interests:

People comment "you have never met a stranger."  I enjoy making connections with all types of people. In addition, I am tenacious, vivacious and like new adventures!  I enjoy time with my kids, kayaking, hiking, weekend trips, vacations, zip lining, amusement parks, jet-skiing, riding quads, dancing, chocolate, diet coke, mountain biking, volunteering he beach, family gatherings, sporting events, football, sushi, quick wit, shopping, clean comedians, good movies, singing in the car listening to music (80’s era still rules).


  I have five children (one deceased).  Currently, my two oldest Matthew and Amanda (she is married)  have graduated from college, Zachary is now in college and Jeremy  is a senior in high school. Prior to my teaching career I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home-mom.  I enjoyed my involvement with volunteering time with soccer, swim team, marching band, baseball, boy scouts, and football and also my church. Through this involvement I was able to interact with so many and it seems wherever I go I am able to link past associations with people, and it’s  such a blast!



What I Believe:

Struggling with learning, dropping out of college, re-enrolling, attending 6 colleges/universities earning more debt and extra credits all have helped me appreciate the journey of learning. I advocate for students. Some students are the “tortoise and others may be the hare,”( from the popular children’s story). Encouraging them that it is not a race to the finish, but rather how to utilize tools and adopt strategies to complete to the finish line. Co-teaching, inclusion, scaffolding, accommodations, modifications, charts, graphs are just  samples of the exciting ways we now approach learning. I am happy to contribute and encourage students to learn and succeed in the way that works for them!

"If a student can't learn the way we teach then we should teach the way they learn." (Michael J. Fox).