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Medical Assisting

Teacher: Mrs. Emelie Worthington
Phone: (480) 882-3540 ext. 7374

Our Medical Assisting program prepares students to provide medical office administrative services and perform clinical duties including patient intake and care, routine diagnostic and recording procedures, pre-examination and examination assistance, and the administration of medications and first aid. Students learn about basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, medical law and ethics, patient psychology and communications, and more. 
Students who complete this two year program may earn up to 18 college credits and qualify to take the Registered Medical Assistant exam. Great job opportunities await in this high demand market.

Course Sequence with Course Codes:
Year 1: Medical Assisting 1                               CT121
Year 2: Medical Assisting 2                               CT122
Optional: Medical Assisting Internship            CT123

Registered Medical Assistant

Student Organization: