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Medical Professions

Teacher: Ms. Susan Belshe
Phone: (480) 882-3540 ext. 7383

Interested in a profession in the health field? First year students learn medical terminology, anatomy and disease processes, vital signs, CPR, and visit local hospitals as a professional shadowing opportunity. Second year students will expound on this knowledge and apply it to patient care, basic nutrition, patient safety, and preventing infections.

Students who successfully complete the program and pass the Arizona Board of Nursing exam obtain their CNA license soon after high school graduation. Second year students can earn college credit.

Course Sequence with Course Codes:
Year 1: Medical Professions 1                                            CT80
Year 2: Medical Professions 2/CNA                                  CT81
Year 2: Medical Professions 2/CNA Dual Enrollment     CT81DC
Optional: Nursing Services Internship                               CT82

CNA (Arizona Board of Nursing)

Student Organization: