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Welcome to Mr. Wooton's United States History or Advanced Placement United States History class!
About Me:
I attended Mountain View High School in Mesa, Arizona and then decided to pursue my dream of becoming a history teacher. I attended Northern Arizona University where I obtained my BS degree in secondary education.
I have coached basketball, wrestling, swim, baseball, and track. I also served as the LINK crew adviser for 5 years. As this is my first year at Combs, I am focusing on my classroom and my two beautiful daughters and my wife. I am looking forward to a great year!
Teaching Philosophy: A successful classroom has three components, Consistency, Rigorous, and Flexibility. Having clear and consistent expectations provides a safe learning environment with clear and concise learning goals. Rigor in my classroom is a student-centered classroom which holds each student accountable for their own learning. Lastly, teaching provides different situations every day, every hour. Understanding my classes are filled with individuals allows me to be flexible to the needs of my students, not classes.
Syllabus:   US History -- Course Outline
                   AP US History -- Course Outline