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Ms. Wirkus

Hi, my name is Ms. Wirkus and I am so excited about this year of science. I believe that I will learn just as much from you as you will from me. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you. Until then, here is a little about me.
I was born and raised in South Dakota. I went to Watertown High School, and got my bachelors in Biology from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I realized I loved interacting with other people, and that I could put my passion for science into my career by becoming a teacher. I discovered that the University of Arizona had a one year masters program, and took that route into the world of education. I did my student teaching at Gilbert High and am beyond thrilled to be a Coyote this year. 
It just so happens that all of my favorite things start with the letter "F". I am passionate about my family, football, and fishing. I also enjoy hiking and prefer to watch sunsets over TV. I spend a good amount of my free time listening to music and reflecting. I love how science can be tied into all aspects of life and cannot wait to grow with all of my students throughout the year. 
Contact Information:
Teacher: Ms. Wirkus
Room: 367
Phone: (480) 882-3540 Ext. 7367
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm