Ms. Kelly Munoz » Welcome to Combs High School English & Language Arts, I am Ms. Munoz!

Welcome to Combs High School English & Language Arts, I am Ms. Munoz!

Welcome to my class! My name is Ms. Munoz and I am located in room 484 in the English Department. I have 28 years invested into AZ Education, which has included 7th-12th grade as well as the University level, and I am thrilled to be your son or daughter's teacher this year.
I enjoy reading, walking, travel, my family, scrap-booking, Flagstaff snow visits and snow skiing. I also love the ocean and try to spend some time there at least twice a year. I am working diligently toward my PhD in Reading Literacy and enjoy the higher level courses. I have two teen daughters and we have been to Alaska and NY and, on my own, I have even been to both France and England!
I am always here to assist and to guide your child. To be successful, my students need a three-ring binder with five dividers and a GREAT ATTITUDE! Please use email to reach me, it is the best method. I am available most days after school and am willing to work with any student for tutoring or guidance. I highly recommend every student gets involved in clubs and/or sports! Combs has SO much to offer anyone's interest!
Thank you for your ongoing support!



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