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Wilkommen "Let's Find Joy in the Journey Together"

A little about me.....
I teach German 1, German 2, and World History. This is my third year at Combs High School, my 6th year in the district and my 23nd year of teaching. I have truly enjoyed my last 4 years in this community. I have many opportunities to make life long connections. I look forward to being the German teacher here at the high school.
I have lived in Arizona since I was a Sophomore in high school. I attended Mesa High School. I moved here from Wisconsin after my dad retired. We left an enormous German community all my family where recent immigrants. I grew up speaking and listening to German. I studied German in high school, moved to Germany and lived there for almost two years. Upon returning to Arizona I completed an undergraduate degree in German. 
Teaching has always been my passion and specifically teaching German. Learning about the world we live in and realizing that there are differences in the people we meet will help individuals function better in the world. It is my desire to help each person who comes to my class to foster an appreciation for the German language as well as an appreciation of our own country. Building off the differences and similarities of both cultures.
Learning the language and cultural patterns of German-speaking countries is the focus of this course. Emphasis will be on learning through participation in interviews, mini-presentations, role-plays, skits, singing, total physical response activities and the celebration of holidays in German-speaking countries. The themes: sports, leisure time activities, the family and home, school, clothing, food, household chores, and shopping provide the context for communication.
I look forward to this year with you.