Amanda Freebairn » Welcome to Mrs. Freebairn's Sophomore English class!

Welcome to Mrs. Freebairn's Sophomore English class!

Welcome to tenth grade! I am so excited to have you in my class. This year we will be expanding your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills by studying some great fiction and non-fiction texts. 
About me 
I grew up back and forth between Scottsdale, AZ and St. George, UT. I graduated from Utah Valley University in 2017 with a degree in English literature. I have been married for about three years, and I have a two-year-old daughter. I love to be outdoors, and I love cooking and baking. I also really, really love Disneyland.
I have a B.A. in English literature from Utah Valley University. This is my first year teaching full time, though I have tutored and worked in high schools part time for the past six years. 
I believe students can do hard things. Every student I've ever met wants to be successful, but in order to do so, they need their teachers and other trusted adults to believe in them and to have high expectations. I expect students to work hard in my class, and if they do, they will be able to learn and receive a high grade.