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Ms. Farnworth's Earth and Space Science Class

Hello! I am looking forward to having you in my class this year. On this page you will be able to find my syllabus, and a link to our google classroom.
  A few things about me:
  • I love animals!
  • I love spending time outdoors!
  • I love teaching!
Educational Philosophy:   I can't say I have wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember. But I do remember working with middle and high school students through 4-H programs growing up and leading many meetings and practices. I taught people my age and younger how to work with dogs and horses and I really loved the moment when what I was trying to teach them finally sunk in and everything clicked. I loved seeing how happy they were to be successful at something they had been working on for a long time and I was so proud that I was able to help them get there. 
     I originally started college on the Pre-Vet track because I enjoyed working with animals so much. But a couple years into my program I realized I enjoyed working with people more. As I went back to help out with my local youth group and 4-H programs again I specifically learned to appreciate working with young adults. I knew then that I wanted to help them with their schoolwork and try to help guide them through the same difficulty I had when I was their age. 
     I have learned about teaching practices both from good and bad teachers throughout my education. I have learned what I want to do as well as practices I would like to avoid. I believe it is always wrong to use sarcasm or humiliation with students. Some teachers use these thinking they are just joking with students but they do not realize that it can ruin their entire day and make them completely tune out during your class. 
      I know that students won't care what you know until they know that you care, therefore I know I need to make a better effort to make my students feel that I respect and care about them in order to care about what I am teaching them. I believe that the best way to motivate students to learn is to connect the content to whatever they enjoy or are good at outside of school. If I can't find a way to relate it to something they like then I try to motivate them by showing them how much they will need it when they get into college or into a career or even just life as an adult. Since the number one complaint of students is "When am I ever going to use this?", I try to give them real life scenarios where they could use the content I am trying to teach them.       

     I believe that by accessing student's pre-existing funds of knowledge and acknowledging and celebrating their skills and achievements outside of my classroom, I can help them feel more engaged and more motivated to apply what I teach them to their life. Even though there are many challenges with popular culture and technology in the classroom, when used correctly they can also have a great benefit. 
     Like all teachers I hope my students would share the same passion for my content area that I have but, being a chemistry teacher I understand it is few, if anyone's favorite subject. I have heard it said that Elementary educators teach because they love kids, and Secondary educators teach because they love their content area. I would argue that secondary education teachers can, and often do, care about their students just as much if not more than their content area. I love teaching chemistry  but even more then that I love to know that I have helped a young adult in some way whether it be on an educational, or personal growth level. I want to see my students succeed and hope to show them that I care about them by taking an interest in what they are interested in and making class fun for them. Since I have heard many students say that the most important aspect of a teacher is caring about their students, I would like to learn and practice ways to show my students that I have a vested interest, not only in them as a student in my class, but also in their success in all future endeavors they may set out on. 

     I know that my understanding as a professional educator has grown in that I now know that I will be actively participating in PLC's with my peers, as well as doing cross content curricular activities.  I also have learned how to communicate respectfully and professionally with parents and students.  I feel I have learned how to create a more caring and respectful environment for my students by giving them rights and responsibilities as learners, and respecting their culture and society as young adults.
Education Background and Experience:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Educational Studies from ASU
  • 9 months working for a non-profit equine therapy program
  • Masters Degree in Secondary education from Grand Canyon University
  • Certified to teach Chemistry