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Welcome to Ms. Brown's Class

Hi, my name is Ms. Brown and I am so excited about this year of science. I believe that I will learn just as much from you as you will from me. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you. Until then, here is a little about me.
I was born and raised in Arizona. I went to Round Valley High School, and got my bachelors from Arizona State University. I love science of all kinds, but I really love biology. During the summers I work for the Forest Service. I get to hike around and look for wildlife such as spotted owls, goshawks, and leopard frogs. 
I come from a family of teachers and was glad to join the family business. I have taught sixth grade science and physics.This year I get to teach both biology and chemistry. In biology we will get to explore the living world around us. In chemistry we will get to learn more about the periodic table, all the components that go into that and so much more. I'm looking forward to a great year.
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